Headley Golf Club

Located in the stunning landscape of the Bronte sisters birthplace, the Headley golf club and estate is nestled in the midst of the undulating hills of rural Thornton.

Headley Golf Club Senior Fixtures 2020

Sadly because of COVID19 the 2020 season has been cancelled

These Fixture are subject to change

Wed 24 April      Spring Stableford and AGM

Wed 1 May         Stableford  (OOM 1)

Wed 8 May        Waltz

Wed 15 May        Fulneck (Home)

Wed 22 May       4BBB

Wed 29 May     Stableford

Wed 5 June        South Bradford (Home)

Wed 12 June      Ryburn ( Home)

Wed 19 June      Stableford (OOM 2)

Thurs 20 June   Fulneck (Away)

Wed 26 June      Yellow Ball

Wed 3 July         South Bradford (Away)

Wed 10 July       Stableford (OOM 3)

Wed 17 July       Elland (Away)

Wed 24 July      Headley Seniors Cup

Wed 31 July      4 BBB Stableford

Wed 7 Aug        Stableford (OOM 4)

Wed 14 Aug      Bert Briggs Trophy

Wed 21 Aug      Texas Pairs

Wed 28 Aug     Team Stableford

Wed 4 Sept       Stableford

Wed 11 Sept     Yellow Ball

Wed 18 Sept     Stableford (OOM 5)

Wed 25 Sept   Away Day to Rudding Park

A 5 monthly stableford league with points awarded to all competitors. 1st…10pts , 2nd….8pts, 3rd…6pts and all the others receive 2pts. All 5 Comps to count and prizes awarded at the end of the season

WALTZ ( 1, 2 ,3)
In the 3-Man Team, each member of the team plays his ball throughout. But a 3-hole rotation exists for determining how many scores are used to create the team score.
On the first hole the one low ball counts as the team score. On the second hole, the two low balls count as the team score. On the third hole the three low balls count as the team score. The rotation starts over on the fourth hole.with points awarded to all com
Full handicap

2 man team all members of each team play their own balls on each hole. At the completion of the hole, the lowest score among all team members serves as the team score. Normally played in 2 pairs. However if there is a shortage of players 3 can play using one as a swinger i.e. One players score count for the other 2.
Handicap. 90% for the full handicap

Played by 4 man team. Every player plays the hole with their own ball, but one player plays the “yellow ball”. This ball rotates among the team members per hole: A plays it on hole 1, B plays it on hole 2, C plays it on hole 3, D plays on the 4 etc.
At the completion of each hole, the scores of two team members are added together to create one team score. One of those scores must be from the player who used the yellow ball. The other score is the low score among the other three team members. Full handicap
In the event of a 3 man team a “Sleeping Pro” will apply i.e. phantom player who will score 2 points on holes SI 1-14.

Played by a 4 man team. 2 to count on all holes but three to count on par 3’s. Full handicap. In the event of a 3 man team a “Sleeping Pro” will apply i.e. phantom player who will score 2 points on holes SI 1-14.


The same format as the Texas Scramble but played in pairs. Each player must have 6 drives to count.  The handicap is worked out by adding the two handicaps together then divide by 4. eg golfer A is 8 and B is 21 added makes 29. Divide by 4 and you get 7,25, which  rounds to team H/C of 7